Malaysian government, Council for People's Trust (MARA) and various Foundations offer a large range of scholarships or loans to Malaysian students wishing to further studies in France.

Malaysian Government
The Malaysian Government offers scholarships to students to further their studies in France. Scholarships are usually advertised via local media such as daily newspapers. The deadlines for the submission of applications are usually not long after the release of the SPM results (around March of each year). Application forms will be available for a small fee from the Public Service Department (JPA) or from other specified government offices.

Some examples of these scholarships are the Pre-France programme from MFI-UniKL for Malaysian students in Engineering, jointly sponsored by JPA and MARA, and programmes offered by JPA, Yayasan Telekom and MARA and managed by the Société Française d'Exportation des Ressources Educatives (SFERE) mostly in Engineering and Management.

In addition, the Malaysian government also sponsors students to further a Master or PhD program in France.

In each case, shortlisted applicants will need to attend an interview before a select few are finally chosen.

Corporations and Organizations
Many commercial and charitable organizations in Malaysia offer scholarships for students to pursue a higher education abroad. It is important to read the terms of these scholarships carefully to ensure that you meet the basic criteria, and that France is one of the countries listed.

For example, in 2011 the French University Graduates Association of Malaysia (FUGAM) association will sponsor Malaysian students to learn French in a language centre in France. This initiative aims to attract Malaysian students to learn the language.