The ability to speak French is a great advantage regardless of your field of study, even when it is not required.

Did you know that French is the second most studied language, after English? French is spoken by over 260 million people across 5 continents and is an official language in 30 countries. Aside from being a beautiful language, French is a language for international communication, culture, diplomacy, science, research and business. 

Around the world, more and more people of different ages and backgrounds are learning the language for a variety of reasons. Some learn the language for professional reasons while some do it simply for personal enrichment. Whatever the reason may be, learning French offers countless benefits whilst being an enjoyable experience.

Being proficient in French increases job opportunities and salary potentials as it offers a distinct advantage in the global market. France is known for being the origin of many major companies such as L’Oréal, Total, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Renault and Lafarge. Students planning to pursue higher studies in France should equip themselves by learning the language as it can be an added advantage, if not a requirement, for application.

French culture is known and appreciated throughout the world. Today, popular French artists like Daft Punk, David Guetta and Bob Sinclar are known the world over. What better way to appreciate and enjoy French culture than to be able to understand the language.