Access to the French higher education system is only possible upon completion of the Baccalauréat or equivalent.

French system: Follows European Standards recognized worlwide

The system of degrees awarded in French higher education reflects a common basis in Europe. The LMD system — for Licence (Bachelor’s), Master’s, and Doctorate — is based on the number of semesters completed after leaving secondary school and their equivalent in European credits under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS):

  • Licence = 6 semesters/180 ECTS (Baccalauréat or equivalent + 3 years)
  • Master’s = 10 semesters/300 ECTS (Baccalauréat or equivalent + 5 years)
  • Doctorate = 16 semesters (Baccalauréat or equivalent + 8 years)

The Baccalauréat, or "Bac", is an academic qualification required for entry into French universities. French students must pass an examination at the end of their final year in secondary school to obtain this qualification. This corresponds to A-Levels, STPM, Matriculation or UEC.