Apply to your long-stay student visa

Malaysian students don’t need to apply for visa if they plan to stay in France less than three months. If you are planning to stay longer (or in the case of non-Malaysian students), you need to obtain the long-stay student visa at the French Embassy. 

1) Get accepted in a French higher education institution 

First thing, applicants need to be already enrolled in a program in France before applying for long-stay student visa. Wait for the letter of acceptance from the host institution before applying for visa.


2) Apply for the student visa online


The online visa application must be done online via this website:


All the requirements are compulsory; please do not forget to bring all the originals and a set of copy for your application.


3) Online appointement and Visa application

You will also have to book an apointement before going to the Consulate :

Consulate, French Embassy in Malaysia

Integra Tower, Level 31

348 Jalan Tun Razak

50400 Kuala Lumpur

Application has to be made personally, your fingerprints and a picture will be taken during your interview when applying for the student visa.

The delay to obtain a long-term student visa lasts usually 2 or 3 weeks. However, it can be longer in busy periods such as summer time (from May to August). Try to look after the procedure about one month and a half before going to France.

Please note that in some case, the visa achievement necessites clarification that can extend the above delay.