Centers in France for the study of French as a foreign language
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Whether you're here for a short or long stay; whether you're in Paris or one of France's regions; whether you're beginning your language study at square one or have very specific objectives—whatever your circumstances you're sure to find a language center that can meet your needs.

Several years ago the French government began a program to award a label of quality to qualifying centers for the teaching of French as a foreign language operating within France. The "FLE Qualité" program identifies, recognizes, and promotes centers in which the consumer can be assured of receiving excellent language training.

Follow the link below to access a directory of all labelled programs, with descriptions of the levels and length of training that they offer. "FLE Qualité" programs are found all over France.

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You can also refer to the website of Qualité FLE. The directory includes centers for French as a foreign language that have earned the "Qualité FLE" label from the French government. The directory is compiled by the Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques (CIEP), a service of France's Ministry of National Education.