How to learn French in France?

Whether you're here for a short or long stay; whether you're in Paris or one of France's regions; whether you're beginning your language study at square one or have very specific objectives—whatever your circumstances you're sure to find a language center that can meet your needs.

To ensure you learn French in the right conditions, we suggest the centres labelled "qualité FLE" (FFL quality). This certification for French training centres is a guarantee of quality linguistic training. You will find the list of these centres on the catalogue of short programmes and summer schools published by Campus France.

Universities with a language department also developped programs to learn French as a Foreign Language. They are called DU, for Diplôme Universitaire, and teach students french language as well as civilisation. They are separated by levels, following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


For more information on this subject, download the mobile application Immersion France which has all the information you will need for to learn French in France.