Deciding where to study is a strategic decision. With internationally renowned programs taught in English, France is highly attractive to foreign students.

France's success in attracting students from around the world reflects not only the excellence of higher education in France, but also the quality of daily life, the variety and richness of French culture as well as the easy access to the rest of Europe that students enjoy while earning their degrees.

This success also stems from the fact that students no longer need to be fluent in French to pursue their education in France. Today, there are more than 600 programmes and courses offered entirely in English at French institutions, with the majority of the programmes at postgraduate level. Students can also choose mixed language programmes in France. Engineering, Business, and Management are disciplines particularly well furnished with programmes taught in English.
Thanks to an initiative by CampusFrance, which is the national agency for the promotion of French higher education abroad, you can choose your programme in English with the CampusFrance online catalogue.

The application procedure for these programmes is similar to that of programmes conducted in French. Each institution has its own requirements, but students will generally be required to provide transcripts and degree certificates as well as TOEFL or IELTS scores. Application forms can be found online and usually have to be submitted early in the year for intakes in September. As for MBAs, many institutions will require candidates to provide Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) results and to have previous professional experience.

If you have the chance to speak French at a B2 level at the DELF examination, you are eligible for all programs taught in French and that give you a wide choice for furthering your studies in France.