Over a thousand of Malaysians have graduated from France and hundreds of Malaysians students are currently studying in French institutions. It is also our aspiration to ensure sustained linkages and network among the community.

Over the years, the number of Malaysian graduates from the French higher education system has kept on expanding, creating a dynamic network in Malaysia and in France. Thanks to France Alumni, the community can now share experiences, and job offers online.

The France Alumni Malaysia platform aims at gathering the community of French Alumni in Malaysia so they can reconnect, expand their network, share their experience and job vacancies.

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Connect with French companies

Campus France Malaysia and Malaysia-France University Centre are partners of the Malaysian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MFCCI). Together they jointly organize an annual event called Career Talk with the objective to connect French companies based in Malaysia with Malaysians graduates that recently returned from France and are looking for a job. The demand for job opportunities is high, coming from those young and talented Malaysians in various fields. The demand for bright and long-sighted employees is even higher, coming from eager French companies, investing in long term HR resources and with a number growing. 


Malaysian Alumni and students' Associations

Malaysian Student Association in France (MASAF)

Website: www.masafrance.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/masafrance

Instagram: www.instagram.com/masafrance

Malaysian Students’ Association in France was established in March 2007 by a group of Malaysian students studying in France. It was the first Malaysian students' association ever founded and aims to gather all the Malaysian students from all over France. It plays a big role in taking care of the students’ affairs. Other than that, MASAF is a medium to spread and share information among the fellow students and the high commissioner such as The Malaysian Embassy and respective sponsors.

MASAF organizes annual activities such as MASAF games in order to gather all the students by creating a strong friendship and brotherhood among the members.


Malaysian Association in France (MAF)

Website: www.maf.online.fr

The Malaysian Association in France welcomes all Malaysians currently residing or working in France to participate in their events and activities throughout the year.