Think about future and how your decisions will impact you in five, ten or twenty years' time

Muhammad Sobri

Name: Muhammad Sobri Bin Ramli

Age: 26 

Qualifications: Master of Electronic Engineering, Option Embedded System from Polytech’ Nice-Sophia Antipolis

Title: IT Engineer

Studying in France has given me... 

Once you decide to become an engineer and enter any engineering school in France, you will be exposed to not only theoretical lessons, but also to the wide industrial experiences which will help you to be a good engineer as soon as you have finished your study.

I love my job because... 

I’m doing something that I love to do, I can learn how to deal with international clients and of course I have flexible work schedule.

Some advice

When it comes the time you have to make a decision, put yourself far in the future and you will definitely find the answer.